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AEG's Mission

The Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG) contributes to its members’ professional success and the public welfare by providing leadership, advocacy, and applied research in environmental and engineering geology.

AEG's Values

AEG's values are based on the belief that its members have a responsibility to assume stewardship over their fields of expertise. In support of serving an international network of environmental and engineering geologists devoted to excellence, AEG values:

  • Upholding sound principles of scientific inquiry with respect to the study and evaluation of geologic processes, their impact on humans, and the human impact on Earth

  • Encouraging and facilitating ongoing education and training as well as supporting members in their dedication to their work

  • Building public appreciation for how environmental and engineering geology contribute to public safety and the protection of property

AEG's Vision

AEG is the acknowledged international leader in environmental and engineering geology, and is greatly respected for its stewardship of the profession. AEG offers information on environmental and engineering geology useful to practitioners, scientists, students, and the public. Other geosciences organizations recognize the value of using and sharing AEG's outstanding resources.

AEG leads the profession in its advocacy for:

  • Legislation

  • Professional Licensure

  • Regulation

  • Codes and Standards

as each affects the practice of applied geosciences.

AEG's administration assures representation for all its members. Its outstanding staff assists members with a wide range of services that enable them to be more effective in their professional lives. Staff regularly reviews and modifies these services to adapt to the membership’s changing needs. AEG’s membership continually grows. Members and students are attracted by the educational and networking opportunities and the quality services provided.

AEG's Goals

AEG strives to continuously improve their services to their membership, the environmental and engineering geology communities, and the public. AEG has developed and maintained a Strategic Plan based on regular evaluations of the needs of these communities. The Strategic Plan includes measurable actions that are based on the following goals of the Association: 

  • Communication: To improve the AEG experience and communicate it effectively

  • Profession: To promote and advance the value of applied geology for the public good

  • Membership: To provide applied geology professionals a place to thrive personally and professionally

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